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Oli, our Bostonian Gemini queen. Our hype girl, our very own Meg Thee Stallion. If you haven't met Oli yet, you haven't met your biggest fan. Olivia's lived in Oregon for the past 5 years and her passion for nutrition and fitness continues to grow. Olivia started her Pilates journey in 2019 after taking interest in the differences between Lagree and Pilates. Oli's teaching style is vibrant and innovative, making classes fun and uplifting.



Annie took her first reformer class in 2015 and was instantly hooked. She's always been passionate about holistic health and wellness making Pilates the perfect addition. Annie has personally used Pilates to reduce stress, manage autoimmune pain, and heal injuries. She loves to teach a contemporary, athletic style of Pilates, especially using the jumpboard and TRX. 
Outside of Pilates, Annie is passionate about being active outside, using Pilates year-round to train to maintain her passions.



Rachel is the founder and owner of Rose City Fitness as well as an instructor. Rachel began as a Pilates student, utilizing classes as a tool to destress, to rehabilitate injuries and as a low impact modality of fitness to keep her Endometriosis at bay. Witnessing the success and wildly improved quality of health, she decided to become an instructor in 2015. After helping open multiple corporate Pilates studios, Rachel decided to open her own studio & thus RCF was born!


Bri has been blessing the Pilates world with her bright personality since 2015; she has also recently earned her Masters in Education with a dual endorsement in Health and Physical Education, and you'll also catch her teaching littles how to snowboard on Mt Hood during the season. Bri's approach to movement is creative, inviting and never fails to find new ways for us to feel proud of ourselves. To say this woman does it all is an understatement; she also does it really damn well.



Chelsea was first introduced to the Pilates method via her classical ballet and contemporary dance training, and it was during that time that she noticed the amazing benefits that Pilates could provide her both on an off the stage. From injury prevention, greater athletic performance, and helping her develop a stronger mind/body connection, she knew she wanted to share the method’s benefits with others. Chelsea is NCPT certified in both classical and contemporary Pilates training and nutrition.

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