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Rose City Fitness is a woman-owned Pilates and TRX studio located in Slabtown, Portland, Oregon.​

We host highly individualized 6 person classes to ensure that each person gets what they need from every single class. With a mix of contemporary and athletic reformer Pilates, TRX and functional strength training, we create a safe space where you can take what you learn about your body and apply it to your everyday life and hobbies. We explain how to execute each movement properly, show what muscle groups you're utilizing and how to target the right muscle groups to avoid pain and injury. We aim to have our voices and cues in your mind when we aren't even there to help you level up in everything you do.

You will learn the importance of:

•Breath •Proprioception •Form •Foam Rolling

•Functional Movement •Slow Twitch vs. Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers

We offer virtual and in-studio private and semi-private classes to help you hone in on your goals. All of our instructors are certified with extensive anatomy, injury and modification training; no matter the ailment or goal, we've got you!

Rose City Fitness has been chosen as one of the top Pilates studios in Portland by Rip City Review!

Check out our A+ rating here

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