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Form is an all levels, full body class focusing on the fundamental contemporary Pilates repertoire while emphasizing proper form and function. Whether you're a Pilates novice or a seasoned student, Form is the perfect starting point and an essential class to revisit. This class will help you master the basics, understand cues you’ll hear in each class, learn the importance of breath, and increase overall body awareness. Form classes serve as your gateway to exploring all apparatuses, making it a prerequisite for those aspiring to advance to more challenging sessions.


HOT TIP: Don't underestimate the power of Form! Seasoned clients will find this class to be a valuable tool for honing their skills and gaining a deeper understanding of the foundational exercises. As perpetual students of the Pilates method, embrace the potential for growth, advancement, and heightened awareness. Mastering the basics will elevate your entire practice, both inside and out of the studio. Take the time to nurture your practice and be prepared to level up in all facets of fitness.

Full Body Fusion

Full Body Fusion is an all levels class where we incorporate the Pilates principles and fundamentals with a creative fusion of the apparatuses. This class will introduce you to the versatility of our equipment as well as optional challenges to level up.


Progressions is an advanced class focusing on the progressions of our foundational movements including balance challenges, quick transitions, and various apparatuses. Although progressions are taught in this class, modifications are always given and encouraged.

This class requires at least 5 completed Form classes, instructor’s approval acknowledging a solid understanding of our foundational movements, our cues, body awareness as well as the importance of breath and modifications. Momence will only allow clients into Progressions classes that have been approved by our instructors; ask your instructor if you’d like to work towards attending Progression classes! 

Virtual Full Body

Mat Pilates meets Athletic Functional Training

This virtual class fuses the principles of mat Pilates with functional strength training. This mat class is a great challenge that guarantees to help you level up in your practice and get to know your body in a way that doesn't rely on spring resistance for support.

You will need:
A mat, hand weights, floor gliders or something to slide on.
Some classes will also require:

 A stable chair (no wheels) that can be set on your mat space, circular band (if you have one but can do without), a small ab ball if you have one or small pillow, a foam roller & a half roller.

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